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Samurai were the most prominent individuals in Japanese society during Feudal Japan. Proud and respected, their lives were a journey of devotion to the arts of war and dueling, with the warrior’s path, Bushido, as their code of conduct. In Bushido, go back in time during the era of shoguns and daimios and assume the role of a samurai warrior who will fight to defend the honor of his clan through the sword, in a game of deduction, tactics and concentration, where a wrong move can cost life. Combine your cards and confuse your opponent so that he is not able to predict your next move, either in attack or defense. Your reputation and your honor as a samurai warrior are in your hands!

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Year: 2018

Players: 2

Age: 12+

Play Time: 20-30 Min

Complexity Rating: 2 / 5

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