Codenames: Duet


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You and your partner are on a secret mission to a crowded city. Your objective: to contact 15 agents while avoiding a band of enemy assassins.

You know the agents that your partner can contact safely. Your partner knows the agents you can contact safely. By giving each other one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the board, you try to find all the agents before your turns run out.

Codenames: Duet includes 400 new words so you do not need any other Codenames game to play. On the other hand, if you own the original Codenames, you can use the word cards from the two games interchangeably.

Additional Info

Year:  2017

Players:   2

Age:   11+

Play Time:  15 – 30 minutes

Complexity Rating:   1.35 / 5


2017 Seal of Excelence by Dice Tower
2017 Major Fun
2017 Spiel of Approval
2017 Family Review Center: Seal of Approval
2017 Best 2-player Game by Game Boy Geek ‘Just The Two Of Us’ Award by Rolling Dice & Taking Names
2017 Golden Geek Best 2-Player Game Winner
2018 DuAli – Das Beste 2-Personen-Spiel
2018 iMagination Gaming – Family Gold Award
2018 Casual Game Recommended 2018 International Gamers Award winner
2017 Game Boy Geek – Saxophone Serenade, Keeper!

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