Game Terrain Mat: Midgard Grasslands


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Lay the foundation for that added extra to your encounters with our high quality, non-slip, durable game terrain mats.

What is it made from?

Our game mats are made from neoprene of the highest available quality.

  • Our in-house designers make unique, beautifully designed scenery, which are printed at 300dpi to ensure crystal clear textures.
  • The 4mm thick rubber ensures non-slip backing, good weight to mat and durability. Double stitched edging means no split corners or frays.
  • Did we mention they are water resistant? With all those excited gamers squeezed around your table, there’s bound to be some spillage.
  • Our mats lie perfectly flat on your table – no waves or wrinkles.
  • Our mats measure in at 400mmx800mm to ensure elbow room around the table and still have maximum encounter battle area.
  • Our mats come in a handy and durable carry case with shoulder strap.


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